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Welcome to the Mendocino County Blacktail Association (MCBA). Our organization has been established since 2005. The mission of the organization is to focus its entire work of improving the condition of the Columbian Black-tailed deer herds,, in the B-ZONES of Northern California. Geographic areas of interest are the mountains of, Mendocino , Trinity , Shasta, Klamath, and Six Rivers. The National Forests, Yolla Bolly, Marble Mountain, Trinity Alps and other Wilderness areas are the prime targets for this effort.

Helping the deer to grow and flouish will take a large collaborative effort from many people and agencies to establish.

Currently; MCBA has a well-established membership comprising of members from counties such as, Lake, Glen, Mendocino, Colusa, Tehama, Marin, Sonoma, Humboldt, Solano, Shasta, Trinity, and others -- even as far as the state of Nevada.

We believe strongly that the monies that are generated from our organization should be spent in the areas that participate in the organization's efforts. The MCBA is a 501 C-3 registered non-profit association with the state of California. The monies that are developed from fund raising efforts, grant acquisitions and donations from private persons and agencies will be spent entirely on Public Land projects; as it represents the public, and the needs of the Federal and State Forest Land deer herds.

The MCBA has developed a strong team of California legislators, biologists, and land managers which have extensive and impressive professional experience in providing assistance for developing plans that benefit deer herd health. All efforts are focused on projects that will benefit the deer in the surrounding B-Zone counties and public forest lands.

The MCBA is also working diligently in developing a consulting team for private land owners; who can inquire about changes and programs that can enhance their private land deer herds as well . Funding for private land management projects are strictly funded by land owners, and not MCBA membership monies.

Be a part of a new innovative team -- one that is making a difference in our local mountain ranges, and passing on the heritage of land stewardship, animal husbandry, and the exhilarating benefits of hard work; ensuring that our wonderful resources are being sustained.

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Thank you.

Paul Trouette
President, MCBA